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YOUR CASTING ACADEMY Teen & Adult Training

The Situation Room

Levels: 4
Semester 1: Beginner Level 1, Advanced Level 2
Semester 2: Expert Level 3, Master Level 4
Total Weeks: 28

The Situation Room is YCA’s formal training course for students who want to begin their training with a commitment of 3 hours per week. In just 2 semesters, 14 weeks each, students will learn everything they need to know to be a successful actor for film and television.

YCA uses a hands-on, learn by doing approach. We give students the opportunity to perform real scenes from professional screenplays in a real-world, film production environment.

Students will get a clear understanding of on camera techniques, emotional access and how to play a scene dramatically while remaining believable and truthful.

All four levels of the Situation Room course will introduce students to practical, tangible and easy to do acting techniques by established masters of the acting craft. Pioneers such as Stanislavski, Adler, Meisner, Hagen, Strasberg and other key figures.

Students of the Situation Room will gain experience performing in front of the camera, and will be guided by instructors who are accomplished actors that book roles all year round. Industry professionals run our classrooms like real film sets, using high tech studio equipment. In addition, students will gain excellent communication skills, improved self worth and self confidence, all of which will become second nature in front of the camera and in everyday life… You will be fearless and have tons of fun!!!

Audition Demo Reel included.

The Situation Room Registration Form Winter 2021 (PDF)



The Actor’s Imagination

$325.00Book Now


The Surrounding Circumstances

$425.00Book Now

EXPERT – Level 3

On-Camera, On Character

$425.00Book Now

MASTER – Level 4

Become The Master Of The Craft

$525.00Book Now

Power of Your Voice – Voice Acting Level 1

Classes: 8

It’s an actor’s job: learning to be articulate, animated, and preparing your voice to take on every animated character imaginable! Whether that be for video games or cartoons, your voice will have the power to do it all!

It is vital for an actor’s career to have a trained voice. The amount of jobs available for actors in voice work is tremendous and lucrative! A trained voice is not only beneficial for off-camera work in animation, but it also makes actors diverse for on camera work!


$425.00Book Now


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Acting with your Voice – Voice Acting Level 2

Power of Voice Level 1 is a pre-requisite unless with special permission from the Academy
Classes: 12

Put your skills from level 1 to the test! Students will now perform with voice over scripts from video games, cartoons, audio books and more. Students will learn how to change their voices to play an array of characters, including accents!


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$485.00Book Now


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MOVIE STUNTS – Punches, Hits & Falls

Classes: 8

It’s in almost every script! On every TV Show! In every film: STUNTS! Detectives, cops, innocent bystanders, hostages, horror films…the list goes on and on. Movie stunts are bookable paying jobs needed for every project! Why give up the money and work to a stunt double?! With Movie Stunts, we safely teach you the industry standards of minor stunt work!! We show you how to throw and take a punch, fall down and embrace for impact, stunts that many from different walks of life and in any physical shape can do! Movie Stunts aims to safely teach actors the industry standards of minor stunt work!! 

$425.00Book Now

MOVIE STUNTS 2 – Weapons, guns, and fight scenes

Classes: 8

In Movie Stunts #2, we will bring your minor stunt action to the next level: how to draw a gun as a detective or police, how to disarm the enemy, other weaponry, how to wrestle and pin your enemy, greater fight action, and more! UPON COMPLETION OF LEVEL 2, STUDENTS WILL ACT AND PERFORM STUNTS ON A PRO SET, WITH A PRO STUNT COORDINATOR! PERFECT TO ADD TO YOUR DEMO REEL!! CHECK OUT WHAT OUR STUDENTS DID RECENTLY:

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$900.00Book Now